Welcome to my first blog.

How many have you been frustrated?

I will never forget going into a quilt store and being told “Oh you sew, quilting is not for you!”

Yes, I can sew and have been sewing since I was 7 and I have since worked in a quilt store. I enjoy encouraging others to begin. If you know how to sew clothes great you know how to use your machine and enjoy fabric.

Do you remember the phrase “measure twice cut once”? This is true in even in quilting this is where it starts (okay really it starts with great colors and fabric).  Little errors in cutting for clothing no big deal. Little errors in cutting can become a quilting nightmare, seams and points won’t line up.

Invest in good quality tools, like a self healing cutting mat, rulers that measure to 1/8″ mark. Use rulers and cutting mats from the same manufacturer. I prefer the Olfa  brand of rulers and cutting mats. Rotary cutters I have variety of them. Keep extra blades as a sharp blade makes a difference when you are cutting many  little pieces. I prefer using ergonomic rotary cutters.